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Lens Services

Here at Sidney Eye Care, we have lots of lens options to chose from for your daily lifestyle.  Your lens can be made up of different materials, tints, and have different coatings to protect your lens while you continue looking your best! Ask our Opticians and see what would be the best lens options for you!


light weight, durable, practical material


virtually shatterproof, thin and light makes for a comfortable wear


clear vision that is equally crisp, thinner and lighter, and can be easily tinted


takes your lens from clear to dark the instant you go outside, its a two in one deal with one stylish pair of frames

Anti-Reflective Coating

allows more light to transition through the glasses to provide less glare.  This is a very popular coating especially people working with the public, as it makes your lens almost invisible to the others around you.  This is a very common coating for people who look at computer screens, cell phones, and tablets frequently

Scratch Resistant Coating

when added to a standard lens it helps protect the lens from becoming scratched 

Tinted Lens

most lens can be tinted to any color for your daily activity.  Often used among hunters and very active people as it can help prevent light glare